Last night my son’s baseball team won the league championship for the second time in two years. Combined over those two years the team’s record is 29-1-1. It’s been a lot of fun to play with such a great group of coaches, parents, and players.

I brought ‘BigSig’ out to the park again. Here are a few pictures:

6 thoughts on “Baseball

  1. I shoot with a Canon Digital Rebel XT and three lenses: a Sigma f/1.8 20mm aspherical, a Canon f/1.8 50mm (for low light situations and portraits), and a Sigma f/5.6 400mm telephoto (as seen here). Blessings!

  2. The big ugly guy in the middle is the head coach. Jeff is his name. When you are as good a coach as Jeff is people don’t mind that you’re ugly.

  3. I am looking to upgrade to a very good digital camera and I am looking at a Canon EOS Rebel T1i or T2i, or the Nikon D5000. Any thoughts on these or another recommendations?

  4. Judging from the ugly guy’s jersey it looks like he was sweating out the victory. ;-)

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