The features of Logos Bible Software 4 for Mac continue to roll out. With the latest pre-release (Alpha 22.1) the ESV reverse interlinear text is now functional. Users can choose to display the following along with their ESV Bible text and cross-references:

• Manuscript (Hebrew/Greek)
• Manuscript transliteration
• Lemma
• Lemma transliteration
• Morphology
• Strongs number (hyperlinked)
• Louw-Nida number (hyperlinked)

Each feature can be turned on/off to the user’s liking.

The beauty of the electronic version is in its cleanliness. The tradition printed interlinears spread the English text out and make it difficult to read. This problem is handled well in Logos. See for yourself. Here’s John 3:16–17 with all the features engaged (click for larger image):


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