Grave Digger

You may remember that my kids are rednecks who love monster trucks. Well, one of the discoveries that awaited us as we traveled through North Carolina was the home of monster truck Grave Digger in the town of Kill Devil Hills—a fittingly named hometown for a fierce monster truck. Outside on the property four old models of the monster truck were spread out (the Grave Digger legacy is now 22 models deep). The public was invited into the workshop and the gift shop. While we were there I grabbed this picture of the kids:

And here is video of a run by GD in the 2007 freestyle competition in Atlanta. Having watched this 20 or more times I think this is the family favorite YouTube clip:

2 thoughts on “Grave Digger

  1. That. Is. Awesome. lol

    And I’m not even a redneck(at least I don’t think)

    Hey-great blog! Found you over on Chris Ashton’s site under the comments for his “Which blogs should I keep?” post.

    I am a total book nerd too and like taking shots of them too(mostly to write posts about them) but none of my shots are as cool looking as yours! Are they copyrighted or can I steal to use if I am posting about a book you have a shot of?

    Grace to you!

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