iPad + Logos + Bavinck

While in the Dallas airport Friday I received a long-awaited email announcement that Reformed Dogmatics by Herman Bavinck was now ready for download into Logos Bible Software 4. There in a chair near my departure gate I downloaded the new books through a wifi card and spent the remainder of my travel day browsing and searching through RD in the sky.

A few days later my friend and gracious boss surprised me with a new iPad which only added to the Bavinck fun. The free Logos app for the iPad grants users access to just about their entire library. Together the iPad and the Logos app combine to create a highly portable library on the road. For a closer look at this recent fusion of the iPad, Logos, and Bavinck, here are three screenshots (click for larger):

5 thoughts on “iPad + Logos + Bavinck

  1. Do you mean that the RD of Bavinck is free for IPAD users?
    Oh How I wish! It cost P5,000.00 here to download it. I might as well dream. I have a basic Libronix program from a friend.

  2. Ray, I should have been clearer. Whatever Logos books you have purchased are available via the Logos app on the iPad. So Bavinck would be purchased and added to your personal library first. Thanks for reading. Tony

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