My favorite Starbucks

I doubt I exaggerate when I say that I’ve ordered coffee in 100 different Starbucks stores in my life, spread across 15+ states. I’ve help support new ones, old ones, some in airports, a couple in Target or in grocery stores. I frequent one store weekly and another local store I avoid like Sanka.

Each store is unique, but deciding which one is my favorite is not difficult, it’s the one about one hour east of where I live that we stumbled upon as a family one Sunday afternoon during a sight-seeing drive around the Chesapeake Bay. We drove up into the town of Annapolis, Maryland, the state capitol and home of the Naval Academy. The Starbucks we discovered was in the basement of an old hotel and was first opened in 1784. Lore says Benjamin Franklin once enjoyed a drink there. It was a pub at the time. Later the pub morphed into a jazz club and four years ago it became a Starbucks.

It has undergone a lot of change but the stone walls, stone floors, and the thick lumber in the ceiling holding up a historic hotel above it are all original. It sits just across the street from the state capitol building and the governor’s mansion. An old underground tunnel from the state house empties into the back wall of the basement Starbucks, providing an escape for diplomats. While the back half of the store is no longer used as a safe haven for sprinting politicians, it is a nice and cozy and quiet place to read and write (unless a hobbyhorse lobbyist is trying to make a convincing point to an associate at a nearby table—then you’ll need earbuds).

Converting a historic marker into a Starbucks was not easy and a friend who lived in Annapolis at the time (2005-2006) said it stirred up quite a brewhaha. But I’m glad it was converted and it’s now my favorite place to re-caffeinate.

Here it is on the map and here’s a poor iPhone pic. If you are in the area, you should stop in.

So where is your favorite Starbucks or coffee shop? What makes it great for reading/writing?

6 thoughts on “My favorite Starbucks

  1. If I am ever in Annapolis, I will have to visit this Starbucks. It sounds great. I love history and think that this would be the perfect place to sit down, enjoy a coffee, and just write. My personal favorite Starbucks is in Singapore. There are a lot of Starbucks there, but I found one which was great. It had mostly fresh air booths, situated outside, overlooking the busy street. There you can watch all sorts of people pass by, as you read, write, and drink. It’s great. Enjoyed your post.

  2. I meet with three other guys once a week to discuss theology and build relationships. We have switched from Starbucks to a mom-and-pop coffee spot called The Red Door and a cafe/coffee roasting locale called Fire-Roasted Coffee. The Starbucks around here are plain-Jane.

    On another note, to a fellow caffeine connoisseur, I have been roasting my own coffee for several years now. When our globally anticipated face-to-face meeting finally occurs I will bring you some. I’m working on two blends at the moment: The Five Sola Blend which will incorporate 5 different coffees and honour the obvious; the Emergent Blend which I can’t tell you what it is made of or what it taste likes … that’s for you to determine ;) !

  3. Little Starbuck’s at the corner of Elgin and Lewis, in Ottawa, Ontario. The appeal is simple–it’s located in my favourite city, on a ‘happening’ street accessible by foot, car, bus, or taxi, and next door to where our inner city church temporarily meets. All *perks*!

    The engaging variety of people passing by or stopping in make it a difficult environment in which to read. However, that’s exactly what provides a wealth of inspriration for writing…and prayer.

    Thanks for the fun post!! And…we’ll definitely visit the tavern Starbucks next time we’re in Annapolis! Blessings, Linda

  4. The Starbucks in Chagrin Falls, OH is outstanding. It is in a building that is about 150 years old and situated right next to a beautiful waterfall.

  5. I have a little Starbucks Espresso machine in my kitchen at home. Since it is so close to all my books, it winds up being my favorite “Starbucks”.
    Unfortunately, there is not a very peaceful coffee shop around for me to frequent, and read and write at. So, I just frequent the Starbucks in town (Clermont, FL) and read & write at home!

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