Royal Self-Disposal

P. T. Forsyth (1848-1921), The Cruciality of the Cross, page 38:

“…the person of Christ would be dumb and inert for us in the world’s last crisis, apart from its active assertion and cosmic triumph on the cross. The cross was no martyr passivity of the finest prophet, led like a lamb to the slaughter; it was the work of a Messiah king with power over Himself. Christ never merely accepted His fate; He willed it. He went to death as a king. It was the supreme exercise of His royal self-disposal. The same great picture which presents the sheep before the shearers dumb deepens before its close to one who poured out His soul unto death. And when we obscure that, when we pity where we should worship, melt where we should kneel, or kneel where we should rise to newness of life, it is no wonder if faith become a mere affection, or a mere ethical ritual of conduct, and cease to be the absolute committal of ourselves to communion with Him for ever.”

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