Writing Retreat 2

For the next four days I will have the joy of spending some time with my wife and kids in Cape Cod, the place where New England flexes its arm to the heavens, or salutes England. Whatever it represents, we are balanced on the top of the shoulder. For all my years of being a Boston Red Sox fan (over 15), this is the first time stepping foot in the wonderful state of Massachusetts, just in time for their elimination from the playoffs, which makes this trip something like a surprise homecoming that bursts triumphantly into an empty house. But it was still quite a lot of fun throwing a ball of leather and yarn along the seaweed-strewn shoreline with my son and shagging poor tosses from the saltwater bath. We closed the evening by filling ourselves with lobster. Not a bad start to our trip.

This trip will double as an educational trip for the kids (the greatly anticipated Great Awakening trip being postponed until at least November—greatly anticipated by me, mostly). But this trip to the cape will focus on the Pilgrims, Plymouth plantation, etc. While driving up today we listened to the first 5 hours of the audio book version of my favorite Pilgrim book, and one of my top-10 favorite historical books, Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War by Nathaniel Philbrick. It’s a brilliant book and a fair and honest treatment of the Pilgrim’s story, their motives, aspirations, and the means they used to survive.

But this trip is not all games, lobster, and history. This time away will triple as my second writing/editing retreat and it will afford me the time to read carefully through my entire book manuscript. The due date is fast approaching and much work is undone. However, the project is progressing nicely and recent feedback on the manuscript has been encouraging. Yet it sits there on the table next to me, a 218-page manuscript and 3 red pens. I do hope I brought enough ink.

3 thoughts on “Writing Retreat 2

  1. I think you have a typo regarding what you did to the the most poorly tossed balls from the saltwater bath. As a side note, it reminds of Tom Shillue’s (supposedly true) story about the worst trendy church sign he ever saw:
    Awesome Powers: The God Who Snagged Me…

    Have a great vacation ;)

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