Writing, Books, and C.S. Lewis

Sounds like a good time to me.

Three extraordinarily gifted writes—Alan Jacobs, Douglas Wilson, and N.D. Wilson—met at New Saint Andrews College not long ago to talk about writing, books, and C. S. Lewis. Three videos are currently online.

This first video is of their discussion about writing, getting published, and becoming a mature writer. It’s good. Here’s the video [71-minutes long]:

Jacobs and the Wilsons took a little time to chat about C. S. Lewis [13-minutes long]:

And during the same trip (I presume), the indefatigable Alan Jacobs delivered an interesting lecture on how Jesus understood the Scriptural transition from scroll to codex. It’s titled, “Christianity and the Future of the Book” (note: Jacobs is writing a book about books). Here’s the lecture [80-minutes long]:

2 thoughts on “Writing, Books, and C.S. Lewis

  1. Hey Tony!

    Thanks for posting this. I talked with Dave Harvey about a couple of these things and I am currently writing a paper in my graduate program (Library and Information Science) about the transition of information from scroll to codex manuscript and how Christians were the primary driver of this technological advancement. Its rather neat to think about how our commitment to the Word has influenced the world in more than one way.

    I’ll check out that lecture later this weekend. Thanks for the post Tony!

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