The Pristine Model of Masculinity

“Christ is the pristine example of masculinity in every way (1 John 2:6). Surely, no one would say that any quality he possessed was unmanly.” Those are the words of Stuart Scott in his article, “Profiling Christian Masculinity” published in the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, 9.2 (Fall 2004). He follows with a chart of particular references to illustrate the masculinity of the Savior.

Eternal Mindset

  • Did the will and work of the Father; not working towards his own success/desires (John 4:34; 5:30; 8:28–29)
  • Was filled with the Spirit (Word); not the world’s wisdom/ways (Luke 4:1, 14)
  • Gave the gospel to others; not temporary pleasures or relief (Mark 1:14–15; John 3–4)
  • Lived a holy, obedient life; not sinful (1 Pet 2:22; Phil 2:8)

Love, Understanding

  • Sought to meet needs of others; not uncaring/self-focused (Matt 4:23; Luke 4:18–21)
  • Sacrificed self and own desires; not self-preserving/selfish (Luke 22:42; Phil 2:6–8)
  • Was gentle whenever possible; not harsh/demanding (Matt 11:29; John 21:15–19)

Zeal, Courage, Confidence

  • Led the disciples and others; not a follower when he shouldn’t be (John 6:2)
  • Because of God and His promises) he showed initiative when He should have; not waiting for someone else (Mark 6:34–44; Luke 6:12–16).
  • Confronted when necessary; not a compromiser/man-pleaser (Matt 23:1–36; Mark 11:15–18)
  • Was decisive according to God’s revealed will; not wishy-washy or afraid (Matt 4:1–11; Mark 8:31–38)


  • Fulfilled responsibilities; not irresponsible (John 17:4; 19:30)
  • Was diligent; not lazy or a quitter (John 5:17; Heb 12:2–3)


  • Served and listened to others in His leadership; not proudly lording it over others (John 13:12–17; 6:5–10)
  • Glorified another (the Father); not greedy for attention or recognition (John 8:50, 54; 17:1, 4)

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