Book Recommendations Needed: Sibling Friendships

This request is much different than the last one. In this instance I’m looking for books that were written to help parents foster healthy sibling friendships among their children. I know books on this topic exist because I recall hearing about them long ago in the past, long before I became a parent. It is now apparent that I am a parent.

Special thanks to one well-read friend who suggests that I read the fiction book Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery. It looks really promising, especially for my boys.

Any other suggestions, fictional or otherwise, that will help my wife and I build sibling friendships in our home?

9 thoughts on “Book Recommendations Needed: Sibling Friendships

  1. The wingfeather saga, On the Dark Sea of Darkness, North or be Eaten, and Monster in the Hollows all by Andrew Peterson are great fictional books that deal with sibling relationships as the central storyline is about three siblings. They are excellent!

  2. I’ve been silently reading your blog for a long time, but when I saw this I just had to say something, because I know a wonderful book: Siblings without Rivalry. My mom used to use all the techniques on me and my brother, and when we found the book we got so that we could identify when she was using it… but it still worked! :)


  3. Mary, first, thanks for reading this blog. I’m humbled that you would do so. Second, thanks for the book recommendation. I am very blessed to have so many wise and well read blog readers like yourself. Blessings! Tony

  4. If you like “Enemy Brothers”, try “Emeralds for the King” and “Blue Fields,” two other Constance Savery titles in which a brother’s firm unfailing love overcomes circumstances that pit a younger brother against him. Unfortunately, neither is in print, and used copies are on the pricey side. A cheaper alternative is “Flight to Freedom,” in which a boy is in charge of his numerous brothers and sisters during their parents’ absence. The American edition of the same book, “The Good Ship Red Lily” tells a tighter story, but is also more expensive.

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