Mini Bavinck

John Bolt’s new abridgement of 19th century Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck’s 4-volume magnum opus, Reformed Dogmatics, is now available for purchase. My copy arrived in the mail on Tuesday and since it arrived I have been browsing through the new abridgement and comparing a handful of sections with the original unabridged work. By all accounts it appears Bolt has done a fine job of shrinking Bavinck’s classic from 3,000 pages to 850 while preserving the essence of Bavinck’s theology. Props to the folks at Baker Academic who continue to serve the church by translating, and now abridging, one of the Church’s most precious theological works.

4 thoughts on “Mini Bavinck

  1. I purchased the full four-volume set not long after the fourth volume became available. It’s simply amazing! If Bolt did half as good a job on the abridgment as he did on the full work it should make a very good purchase, indeed.

  2. Its this volume really what it says it is. I have heard negative things about it I am a little worried because I purchased it and its on its way. I heard that Bavincks Reasonable service is better is that true?

  3. *Our Reasonable Faith* I assume you are talking about. ORF is very good, but I would not pit it against the abridged RD as an either/or decision. Both are valuable. ORD, abridged RD, and the 4 volume RD are each valuable in their own right. I recommend that you own and read them all!

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