Reading Newton’s Mail

For the past few months I’ve been writing a blog series titled “Reading Newton’s Mail.” The series features edifying excerpts from the precious pastoral letters penned by John Newton (1725–1807). I muse on the excerpts a bit and then publish my thoughts in a series that runs on Fridays over on C.J. Mahaney’s blog. Today I posted #12:

  1. Reading Newton’s Mail (introduction to Newton)
  2. Aiming High, Missing Low, Aiming High Again
  3. When Humility Is Pride
  4. The Value of Spiritual Simplicity
  5. What to Do When Your Pastor Preaches a Sermon Dud
  6. How NOT to Listen to Sermons
  7. The Weight of Preaching
  8. Pray for Your Pastor
  9. Newton’s Theology of Revolution
  10. Spiritual Depression: An Interview with John Newton
  11. The Worst Sinner in the Room
  12. A Vacationers’ View of the Ocean

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