Swim Meet

My daughter’s (6) swim meet last night gave me another good excuse to bring out “Big Sig.” She raced three times: freestyle, backstroke, and kickboard. Given my wife’s success at the sport and my daughter’s love for swimming (and her competitive determination), I think there will be many future opportunities to shoot meets. This was my first, although I’ve admired good swim photographers for a number of years. To my knowledge no other sport requires a photographer to sync with the repetitive movements of the athlete. I look forward to doing more of this. Here are a few shots from last night (click for larger):



7 thoughts on “Swim Meet

  1. Tony, you’ve got some serious talent my friend. These pictures are fantastic. What kind of camera were you using?

  2. I liked the third photo the best; it had somewhat of a sci-fi feel to it.

    If you’d like to give your daughter a lesson in physics, have her try that same stroke with her hands clenched in fists. The lack of thrust that will be generated is quite astonishing.

  3. Thanks! Good suggestion. The funny thing about photography is that you see the mechanics mistakes quite clearly. In the first pic my daughter is breathing at the wrong moment (so says my wife).

  4. Your wife is correct. Now that you mentioned it, that is the moment of inhalation. But honestly, who could think of mechanics when viewing such a darling photograph?! :)

  5. Nice Tony! I can’t believe she’s six already, and swimming like that! Well with Karalee as her mom I guess I can! I look forward to seeing more. Miss you guys!

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