Birthday Book Giveaway #1

July is a busy month for birthdays and this week we are celebrating three of them with book giveaways today, Thursday, and Saturday. Ten random winners will be walking away with 10 books this week.

Today we celebrate the birthday of John Calvin. Calvin was born on July 10, 1509 (I’m late to the party, I know). Calvin was a pastor, preacher, and theologian of the highest caliber and his commentaries, published sermons, and theological writings continue to influence the church and western culture 500 years later.

My favorite overview of the life and influence of Calvin was written by our friends at Desiring God: With Calvin in the Theater of God: The Glory of Christ and Everyday Life (Crossway, 2010). You can listen to the original lectures behind the book here.

I have 4 copies of With Calvin in the Theater of God to give away:

  • Enter through Twitter. Just re-tweet this and you’re entered.
  • Enter through a comment on this post. Just leave a brief, or even a blank, comment (and please include your email address, which will not be published). A comment enters you into the drawing.
  • Entries can be made until 8 am EST tomorrow morning (Wed). Winning entries will be randomly selected and I’ll announce winners tomorrow morning.
  • Please note, the winning books can be shipped only within the continental United States. Je suis désolé.

HUGE thanks to our generous friends at Crossway Books for making this possible.

45 thoughts on “Birthday Book Giveaway #1

  1. Ill give away 3 copies of THL Parker’s Portrait of Calvin, DG edition for 3 of the winners Tony. No strings attached, just let me know who they are and how I can ship the books. Any blog subscribers would be helpful, but not necessary.


  2. Ironic the way you apologize to your northerly neighbours given that Calvin was always first a French man, and a refugee.

    J’ai ri aux larmes.


  3. Looks like a picked a good day to stop by. The other posts suggest I should be more regular in my visits.

  4. Thank you for this opportunity. I would love this. (p.s. I also love your new template, btw..)

  5. My husband would love this book. I hope I can win it for him.

    Thanks for the giveaways.

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