140+ Bible Commentaries for Sale

[Update: This collection has been sold and two alternate buyers are standing by.]

Happy Friday blog readers!

As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter I am selling off more than 140 of my Bible commentaries. This is a large portion of my personal commentary library, a library I painstakingly and selectively built over many years. By design, the collection is a well rounded mix of exegetical, expositional, and devotional works. It has served me well.

I’m selling the collection for two reasons: first, in the last two years I’ve been slowly transitioning most of my reference works to digital platforms (mainly Logos 4), and second, my personal library continues to grow, and has maxed out the room I have for bookshelves.

This would be a bulk sale and due to the size of this collection it would also need to be a local sale. I live in Gaithersburg, Maryland, so most likely the buyer will be from Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc. If you have friends in the area, please let them know about this.

Download the specifics here.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!


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