Ah, Iceland

Its very name makes it sound like a frigid monochromatic wasteland of ice and ash, but the more I learn about Iceland the more intrigued I become and the more — especially since watching the Heima DVD — I’ve wanted to breathe Iceland’s air, enjoy its geothermal baths, hike its hills and glaciers, step up its hexagonal basalt columns, watch its geysers, listen to its massive waterfalls, walk its moonscapes, splash barefoot on its black sand shores, maybe watch a volcano spray red fire into the night sky, or just drive through old Norse-named towns like Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

From what I’ve been able to gather, the features of Iceland inspired the features of Tolkien’s Middle Earth just as much as Icelandic folklore inspired his story. That makes sense.

So I’ll get to Iceland some day. But if you cannot be in Iceland I guess the next best option is to watch video footage from Iceland. Here are some favorite videos of mine, all discovered as I klikked on the Inter-nets. What a country.

Bless bless


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