Photo Caption Contest

Happy Labor Day weekend to all my fellow laborers. I hope your extended weekend is restful and full of good football.

While laboring recently in Australia our friends at DG snapped this picture. It’s too good not to share.

This photo needs a caption, doesn’t it?

Please leave your caption in the comments (unlimited entries). The best/funniest caption will win a prize, although I’m not exactly sure what would be fitting. Perhaps a 12-pack of Buffalo Bob’s Kangaroo Outback Jerky?

We’ll figure something out.

26 thoughts on “Photo Caption Contest

  1. Those kangaroos are wasting their lives! I want some coronary kangaroos! When they get to heaven, what are they going to say? “Look at my pouch Lord! Look at my pouch!” Come on Etter, let’s go memorize something in Latin.

  2. Order a copy of Desiring God within the next 24 hrs, and we’ll enter you for a chance to win a free kangaroo ride with John Piper: “Only when you ride one of these animals will you feel finally alive.”

  3. it’s hard to find a fatten calf in the outback. Piper agrees that kangaroo is a suitable substitute….although a bit gamey.

  4. Paraphrased poem by John Piper.


    And as I knelt beside the brook
    To drink eternal life, I took
    A glance across the golden grass,
    And saw my kangaroo, old Blackie, fast
    As she could come. She leaped the stream-
    Almost-and what a happy gleam
    Was in her eye.
    I knelt to drink,
    And knew that I was on the brink
    Of endless joy

  5. Two wonderful specimens of a strange continent, resting after the hard work of bouncing around the place enlivening the local fauna.

    Oh, and there are two kangaroos as well.

  6. Though Tony and John set a godly example of Christian brotherhood, the schismatic kangaroos continued to be divided over infra- vs. supra-lapsarianism, and refused to even look at each other during group photo time.

  7. Pictured here are two of the greatest theological thinkers in Christendom today. The scene captures the moment after a heated debate over the question of the apostles Paul’s “thorn in the side.” Was it poor eyes sight or a bad case of eczema? Who the two humans in the center are, that appear to be amused by the exchange, are still unknown at this time.

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