Book Updates

I received my copy of Lit! last week in the mail. What an incredible experience for a first time author! This means the official release of Lit! is drawing nigh.

I’m happy to announce that Lit! has made its first appearance in a bookstore, more specifically at LifeWay on the campus of Southern Seminary in Louisville (thank you @mrmedina for the pic):

No, the glowing Albert Mohler book endorsement at the top of the picture is not for Lit!.

Oh well, even without that endorsement it appears the book has nearly sold out already (or their expectations are really low and only stocked two copies).

Other, more randomer notes:

  • It appears that copies of the book shipped directly from Crossway to friends and reviewers have begun appearing in mailboxes across the country. That’s cool. Please read it and say nice things about it.
  • I see that Westminster Books is planning to carry Lit! in their online bookstore. That’s cool, and quite an honor. See it here.
  • I cite Herman Bavinck 11 times in the book. A random factoid my fellow Bavinckians may enjoy, but that never fit into previous blog posts. [Fist bump]
  • Today Amazon sent out an email to folks who pre-ordered the book, moving the delivery date up from early October to September 27/28. Nice. This is the second such audible they have called on the delivery date.
  • Last week I had a chance to introduce my book — and to vent on the Angry Birds video game — on The Paul Edwards radio program (Detroit). Thanks Paul for the opportunity. You can listen to me mumble here.
  • I’m currently typing as fast as my fat fingers can type to keep up with written interviews and that includes a fun dialogue on books and reading to appear on one of Christianity Today’s sites. I’ll let you know when it’s up.
  • I’m also being interviewed by John Starke for the TGC blog, where, among other things, he has asked me to determine whether Jane Austin or P. G. Wodehouse would win in a cage match. Such starky scenarios are to be expected in an interview with John, although the victor in this fight is not easy to determine. Hmm.
  • At some point (soon I suspect) Justin Taylor will be releasing a video interview we recorded in Chicago a few months back — much to my embarrassment. (Watching self on video is a disturbing blast to all the senses.) This, I can only imagine, is payback for me spreading my portrait of JT holding his Dwight Schrute bubblehead. Touché. Now we’ll be even.
  • My 3-part class on reading concludes on Sunday. That’s been fun.

More Lit! updates forthcoming.

Please, if you see the book in a bookstore, send me a picture. And thanks to those of you who already have!


8 thoughts on “Book Updates

  1. If Wodehouse were permitted to bring his giant Bartlett’s Quotations with him, he might stand a fighting chance against Austen. Otherwise, I see him cowering in a corner and wondering what he’d done to anger this woman. But perhaps I wrong the man.

  2. Extra points if your reply to the Wodehouse-Austen question is written in the voice of Bertie Wooster. What-ho.

  3. “Madeline Bassett labored under the delusion that I was madly in love with her. I was able to escape that betrothal but only by shear quick flight of feet. But to find myself in a similar, though slightly more hostile situation, and to be held as a caged bird?! I’m done for, Jeeves. Done for!”

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