My Conversation About Books and Reading

I was recently invited to participate in a dialogue about books and reading by John Wilson, the editor of Books & Culture (a sister publication of Christianity Today). John asked if I would consider writing out a blog conversation with Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, the Chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages at Liberty University. The invitation struck me as initially intimidating because I’m fairly certain Karen can intellectually roundhouse kick me back and forth across the literary mat without breaking a sweat, if she wanted to. But I was assured it was no debate, and that I would not be injured. So I agreed. It turned out to be a brief but enjoyable dialogue about books and reading (thank you John!). Our four-part conversation is now online:

2 thoughts on “My Conversation About Books and Reading

  1. Hi,

    Although I read and research a lot, I’ve never considered myself a true reader. Your article does a great job of describing the importance of reading from your point of view, credible in every respect. (I’ve only read the first part and will go back later to read the rest) That “reading is rooted in our theology” is a statement that can only be made by one in a reading culture. I would say it is equally true that reading is rooted in our oral traditions, which is rooted in our view of the world, which is rooted in our biology. Before the invention of reading and writing our views about what we looked out on and what we believed what we observed and sensed to be formed the base of our theology. Reading and writing extends what our biology already tells us.

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