Keep the X in Xmas!

It’s been said “Xmas” is a seasonally attempt by subversive secularists to kick Christ out of Christmas. I don’t doubt that is the intent of some folks. But the reality is the Greek spelling of the name Christ starts with an X (Χριστός).

In fact, the early Church often referred to Christ simply by his first Greek initial (X), or more commonly by overlapping his first two initials (XP). The simple cross (X) of course carried double meaning for those early Christians, and for us today.

So in that sense there’s not only a Christ in Xmas but also a Calvary. Far from a secularist attack, “Xmas” reminds us of Christ, his birth, and his cross, all at once.

10 thoughts on “Keep the X in Xmas!

  1. I avoid “Xmas” since I love to take every opportunity I can and put before the world “Christ,” even if it’s only in Christmas.

  2. Hey, all! It seems to me people write “Xmas” in a short-hand way, not because of a nefarious culture war jab.But I also don’t think that most people make the Greek connection either…

  3. Ha! An attempt to delete the Sweetest Name by conventional shorthand (if that’s what many intend when switching from Christmas to Xmas) yields a powerful abbreviation which takes in both the name and the victory of the Cross. Brilliant, our sovereign God, working all things after the counsel of his own will. Gotta love Him.

  4. its a matter of Christian preference then…i much prefer mas with CHRIST…i greet my friends in my text messages “Merry CHRISTmas” to emphasize Christ…i wish that some Christians dont make this a big issue tagging with some pagan something….any way short but sweet post…thanks tony

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