New Easter Post

This morning I posted a new Easter essay on the Desiring God blog: Our Tears Are Being Undone.

As many of you have probably already guessed, most of my blogging work will now be focused there. I am greatly honored to be a part of the incredible DG team here in Minneapolis, focusing my energy on helping to curate, resurface, and spread John Piper’s 30-years-and-running gospel preaching legacy.


What that means is the Miscellanies blog (a little blog I started in 2006 to fill a ministry lag), will still be used but only for occasional posts, perhaps once a week or so. If you’d like to follow me, you can always do that more effectively via Twitter or Facebook. I’ll be using both of these channels concurrently to point to my work online, my travels, quotes and quips from mostly dead guys, and of course pictures of stuff I point my iPhone at.

Thank you for reading and following this blog. Because you come here, ministry opportunities have been opened for me (like book writing). So thank you!


One thought on “New Easter Post

  1. Ah, I just started following you here…but I will be checking out Desiring God, which I have not been lately…thanks for writting that book, I’ve benefited hugely from it!

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