The Hell of Sin In the Awakened Conscience

Charles Spurgeon, sermon 1068:

Only let a man once feel sin for half-an-hour, really feel its tortures, and I warrant you he could prefer to dwell in a pit of snakes than to live with his sins. Remember that cry of David, “My sin is ever before me” [Psalm 51:3]; he speaks as though it haunted him. He shut his eyes but he still saw its hideous shape; he sought his bed, but like a nightmare it weighed upon his breast; he rose, and it rose with him; he tried to shake it off among the haunts of men, in business and in pleasure, but like a blood-sucking vampire it clung to him. Sin was ever before him, as though it were painted on his eye-balls, the glass of his soul’s window was stained with it. He sought his closet but could not shut it out, he sat alone but it sat with him; he slept, but it cursed his dreams. His memory it burdened, his imagination it lit up with lurid flame, his judgment it armed with a ten-thonged whip, his expectations it shrouded in midnight gloom. A man needs no worse hell than his own sin, and an awakened conscience.

What is there to say after reading that quote except to sing: “Hallelujah! All I have is Christ / Hallelujah! Jesus is my life.”

3 thoughts on “The Hell of Sin In the Awakened Conscience

  1. The words are fine but the performance was disgustingly worldly, carnal, and dishonouring to God. The worst aspect was in the applause at the end. You could not have chosen a worse response to Spurgeon’s sermon quotation because he would not allow a choir at the Metropolitan Tabernacle and they had no musical instruments, not even an organ.

    I cannot say how disappointed I am, for I have long followed your website with admiration, appreciation, and much benefit – and will continue to do so. Thank you for such devotion and help. I found you by searching on “Spurgeon” who is my hero and role model; I was trained and studied at Spurgeon’s College at the time of its centenary and actually met and chatted with one of Spurgeon’s private secretaries, an old man of course at that time.

    May God continue to bless your work and ministry in His service; I’ve recently bought your book on the recommendation of The Evangelical Library of London, a library founded by Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones. How I wish this book had been available to me seventy years ago when I set out as a student!

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