5 thoughts on “Who among us will celebrate Christmas correctly?

  1. Love your posts Tony. Always glad to read what you have posted. Have a Merry Christmas!
    Joe Calabello

  2. Mr. Reinke,

    I continue to enjoy your postings!

    In searching for the source of the above Bonhoffer quote, I discovered the version below, which seems to be from The Mystery of Holy Night, a book out of print so far as I can tell. This translation has an interesting difference from the one you quoted, which I presume is from God is in the Manger. I am wondering which translation from the German is more correct, and what was the original context?

    “Who among us will celebrate Christmas right? Those who finally lay down all their power, honor, and prestige, all their vanity, pride, and self-will at the manger, those who stand by the lowly and let God alone be exalted, those who see in the child in the manger the glory of God precisely in this lowliness. Those who say, along with Mary, “The Lord has regarded my low estate. My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”

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