Personal Update (Newtcation)

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d drop a personal update as a means of soliciting your prayers. For the next few weeks I’ll be taking some time off from work to devote focused attention on my John Newton book, and to enjoy a staycation with the family. My wife is calling it Newt-cation. The family schedule has been cleared, and I hope to write in the mornings and early afternoons, and then laugh and veg and swim and tan with the fam the rest of the day.

These precious weeks will give time to really narrow my writing focus. I started the Newton book on September 16 of last year, and by researching and writing on Saturdays alone (as time allowed), I’ve managed to rough out 10 of the 14 chapters and to pen about 75% of the total 85,000 words. These next two weeks will give me the time necessary to finish up these four last chapters and to invest substantial time in refined research on a few areas of particular interests in Newton’s letters.

And unless the editors read my book, cringe, and change their minds, it’s scheduled to be published in the summer of 2015 in Crossway’s Theologians on the Christian Life series. There’s nobody I would rather write on (Newton), nobody I would rather write for (Crossway), and nobody I would rather write under (editors Justin Taylor and Steve Nichols).

Here’s how the growing TCL series is shaping up (so far):

The great delight in working on a project like this one is the opportunity to get intimately acquainted with a great Christian thinker from the past, especially when it comes to studying how they processed the intricate dynamics of the Christian life. Having been discipled by Newton for years now, and more rigorously for the past year, I find myself more and more thinking like him and applying the gospel to my everyday life in ways he models from his own life. I find it easy to get excited about Newton and I am eager to share the results of my research with you as soon as possible.

But for now I need patience, and discipline to write clearly, and so I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I try and wrap up the majority of the Newton manuscript in July. And so (as Newton would say it), I earnestly entreat all who know how to draw near to the Throne of Grace by Jesus Christ, to strive mightily in prayer for me, that I may stand fast in the faith, and increase in the knowledge of Jesus the Savior; and that for his sake I may labor, without fear, in the service to which he has been pleased to call me.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

I am your affectionate friend, and servant in the Gospel of Christ,


9 thoughts on “Personal Update (Newtcation)

  1. I will add you to my prayer list, Tony. I love how you make up words (Newt-cation). I pray it is fruitful and enjoyable. Praying you will enjoy your fam and your words would be multiplied. Bless you! T.N.

  2. Tony, I will pray diligently for you. What you are doing is a work for the Church and I long for the Lord to bless it. May he strengthen you in the inner man for the task ahead. Moreover, I can imagine the time you need with your family and they with you. I will pray that your Newt–cation (love it!) will be fruitful in your family as well. May the Holy Spirit testify of Jesus in your home and in the life of your sweet family. —Your sister in Christ, Luma

  3. I think my prayers have already been answered, inasmuch as you find yourself thinking more and more like an Anglican.


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