Every Obstacle Resolved

furmanGloria Furman, The Pastor’s Wife: Strengthened by Grace for a Life of Love (Crossway, April 2015), 56–57:

Compared to our shadowy self-love, the love of God is permanently resolute. All the so-called self-realization we seek is shown to be petty compared to being known by God. Self-sufficiency comes undone in the presence of the Holy One in whom all things hold together, and our self-righteousness reeks like rotten fruit.

When light is cast on the rock-solid fortress of the eternal security we have in Christ, our self-assurance slinks into the shadows. Our insecure self-defense has nothing novel to say, because our heavenly Father is in charge of our public relations department. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, all the energy absorbed by our self-awareness becomes readily available for Christlike sacrificial love. Being aware of these spiritual realities that play out in our lives is a source of sweet joy. Our hearts are strengthened by joy, God is glorified in our dependence on him, and the watching world becomes curious about the reason for our hope.

Being known and loved by God — being found in Christ — has far-reaching implications for our lives. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus has resolved every obstacle that prevented us from treasuring God forever.

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