Justin Taylor’s Tweet Rant

Justin Taylor is a fictional TV character, or a book publishing genius, or the global director of digital marketing for Nike. The recent tweet-rant from the global director of digital marketing for Nike basketball version of Justin Taylor is worth a read:

This year I think we are going to see a huge drop off in social media usage across the board but especially from youth.

While the people posting won’t disappear, those willing to scroll through and engage with their feeds will decline.

The constant news cycle of Trump and negativity will start to wear on people, as well as their lack of faith in who to trust for news.

Kids especially will lose interest in “the internet” and revert more and more to 1:1 messaging and human interaction again (hopefully).

And shift trust more and more away from brands/news stations/tv and more and more to friends/influencers/athletes/celebrities.

This political cycle has made social media really “grow up” over the last year, and has become less and less a fun place.

The next generation aren’t broadcasters, they’re in their own little tribes making Snapchat, iMessage and Instagram DM groups with friends

Because when you’re a kid and you’re getting sick of people constantly “yelling” at you online, what else would you do?


And with all the signs indicating that American politics will get worse before it gets better, these trends in youth social media seem reasonable.

[HT: @stefanlgreen]

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