Obama come on what gif

No, this post is not important, it’s not political, and should make no sense to anyone right now because it entirely exists in the world preemptively because I, an author, thought it a great idea to footnote a gif in my forthcoming tech book, page 81, using the phrase that most likely brought the image up in a Google search, and did work very well in my writing phase, terms which were codified in said footnotes of a book now at the printers. Now those search terms got all changed up, and I recently discovered that for my footnote to work I needed to actually create a new url on the webs with this dumb title to preserve the original seo terms I used to find the image and thus got cited in my book so readers can find it without using the dominant acronym now used to title the gif, an acronym shared with: wow that’s fun. In sum, this is a teaching moment for authors. Do not footnote gif titles in book footnotes. You’ll be left asking: come on what?! Also, if you want to make sense of all this, the book can be pre-ordered on Amazon.