Hello everyone! The conference has been wonderful but a reliable Internet connection and free time have not been available so I’ll give more detailed updates later. All I can say now is that Gamache, Dever and Sproul have been wonderful. When I return to MN I’ll take time to reflect on each session individually. Mark Dever’s presentation this morning on reading old theologians answered some key questions I’ve asked about whether the church fathers are useful exegetically or not. I’ll update later, but time is short and I want to spend more time in the details. Blessings from Maryland! Tony

2007 Sovereign Grace Ministries Leadership Conference

2007 Sovereign Grace Ministries Leadership Conference

Made possible by the overwhelming graciousness of our church family here in Minneapolis, my wife and I with some close friends head off to Maryland tomorrow afternoon for the annual Sovereign Grace Ministries Leadership Conference. I’vecj-mahaney.jpg anticipated this conference since October.

On Saturday nights my wife and I have been reading with our children through R.C. Sproul’s excellent book, The Holiness of God. It will be nice to hear the topic from the man himself. And although he is one of my favorite contemporary authors, I’ve never heard David Powlison speak. Of course there is eager anticipation to hear from C.J. Mahaney. Every time I look at this picture taken at Together for the Gospel I recall him reading (and weeping through) 1 Corinthians 4:7 … “What do you have that you did not receive?” He embodies this humility.

As if that were not enough, my pastor Rick Gamache will be speaking on Watch Your Devotional Life: The Pastor’s Communion with God (Thursday, 9:00 AM). I plan on attending that. And — like a true Puritan nerd — I plan to attend Mark Dever’s seminar Watch the Past: Living Lessons from Dead Theologians (Thursday, 11:30 AM). I’m hopeful Dever will help me better use Puritan literature and give greater details about the life of Richard Sibbes (I bought Dever’s biography of Sibbes at Covenant Life Church about a year ago but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet).

I’m no live-blogging Tim Challies so don’t expect immediate updates, but I’ll write as time allows (probably in the morning) and pass along interesting notes. If you’re attending the conference just look for a tall, handsome young man dressed in the latest threads. If you find him, say hello. And then come find me, too.


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