Free download: The Works of Thomas Boston

Free download
The Works of Thomas Boston (Logos)

Very few Puritans have more influenced my life and preaching than Thomas Boston (1676-1732). Joel Beeke writes, “may God raise up servants in this thirdthomasboston.jpg millennium of the Christian era motivated by that which made Boston such an effective ambassador of Christ: a humble spirituality, a high view of the Christian ministry, a compassionate zeal for souls, and unwearied preaching of Christ” (Works of Thomas Boston, 1:I-16). And in another place he writes, “Boston’s sermons are models of sound exegesis combined with experiential piety and admonition” (Meet the Puritans, p. 661). And so it is a great joy to announce the complete 12 volume Works of Thomas Boston are now available in Logos/Libronix format. Best of all these treasures are free!

Thank you to our good friend Joe K. back in snowy Omaha for his work on this project! To finally have Boston in searchable electronic format is a real service to the church.

– For more on the Works of Thomas Boston see the review I wrote last September. For an excellent bio of Boston see Meet the Puritans, pp. 653-667.

– Download the Logos files from StillTruth.

– For more on how to incorporate Puritan literature into your devotions and sermon preparations see our series The Puritan Study.