Reading and studying the book of Jeremiah

tsslogo.jpgSitting under the preaching ministry and leadership of Joshua Harris is one of the great benefits to now living in Gaithersburg. Sunday, my family and I were treated to the first in a several part sermon series titled “Old Paths,” pastor Harris’ new sermon series through the prophetic book of Jeremiah.

If you’ve been reading TSS you know I want to better understand and apply the Old Testament (see our books of the year 2007). And so Sunday as I learned about Jeremiah, it occurred that pastor Harris was actually modeling something of Old Testament hermeneutics. If you struggle to understand the connections between the Old Testament and our contemporary lives and culture I would recommend this opening message. I believe this sermon models how we interpret and understand the ancient prophets in our world today. Listen for Jeremiah, listen for wisdom, but listen hermeneutically, too.

Sermon series
Download part 1