Top 10 P.G. Wodehouse Titles

British humorist P.G. Wodehouse penned close to 100 books in his prolific career. That’s great for him, but it also means I find myself up against the dashed difficult problem of determining where to begin. So to help me navigate the options I contacted the man who introduced me to Wodehouse a number of years back, Douglas Wilson. “As a general rule, the Blandings Castle books and the Jeeves books are the best,” he told me. And then followed that summary with “a rough and ready list” of 10 titles that take the biscuit:

  1. Joy in the Morning
  2. Leave it to Psmith
  3. Galahad at Blandings
  4. Uncle Dynamite
  5. Uncle Fred in the Springtime
  6. The Code of the Woosters
  7. Meet Mr. Mulliner
  8. Right Ho, Jeeves
  9. Lord Emsworth and Others
  10. Heavy Weather

Now that’s a bit more manageable.

Any other Wodehouse fans out there? What are your favorites?

[Note: the character sketches were pinched from this blog.]