Depression, Worldliness, and the Presence of God

Three years ago I was asked to preach Psalm 73 to the precious saints at Omaha Bible Church. This week I was asked to re-post it. Apparently the original audio file had become corrupted.

The original message is titled: “Depression, Worldliness, and the Presence of God.” My point was that our hearts are tempted towards depression when we envy the comforts and excesses of the ungodly (vv. 1-16). To help us out of depression—and protect us from it—we are reminded that God’s eternal judgment is near (vv. 17-23), and His presence is here (vv. 24-28).

It’s a rough message, and much of what I hear makes me wish I could re-preach it with what I now know about preaching. But alas, it is what it is. And for anyone interested, you can download the mp3 (21.7MB) or listen to the message here (47:26):

As always, I would benefit from your feedback.