New book: Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen, Justin Taylor and Kelly M. Kapic

New book alert!

Overcoming Sin and Temptation by Kelly M. Kapic and Justin Taylor is an excellent new book about to be released by Crossway. It’s an updated but unabridged version of volume 6 of John Owen’s works including Mortification of Sin, Of Temptation, and Indwelling Sin. These three works are classics in the Christian fight against sin.

The 450 page book is comprised of an excellent foreword by John Piper, a preface by Taylor (Reading John Owen: Why a New Edition?), introduction by Kapic (Life in the Midst of Battle: John Owen’s Approach to Sin, Temptation, and the Christian Life) overviews of each of the three books and then the text of the three books (Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers, Of Temptation: The Nature and Power of It and Indwelling Sin).

The conclusion of the book includes 25 pages of very helpful outlines of each Owen book and a glossary of terms (helpful for reading any Puritan work). These helpful additions will assist any reader navigate the precious books by Owen. Highly recommended!


Buy it: You can get a special discount and free shipping through Justin Taylor’s blog.

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