New book: Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen, Justin Taylor and Kelly M. Kapic

New book alert!

Overcoming Sin and Temptation by Kelly M. Kapic and Justin Taylor is an excellent new book about to be released by Crossway. It’s an updated but unabridged version of volume 6 of John Owen’s works including Mortification of Sin, Of Temptation, and Indwelling Sin. These three works are classics in the Christian fight against sin.

The 450 page book is comprised of an excellent foreword by John Piper, a preface by Taylor (Reading John Owen: Why a New Edition?), introduction by Kapic (Life in the Midst of Battle: John Owen’s Approach to Sin, Temptation, and the Christian Life) overviews of each of the three books and then the text of the three books (Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers, Of Temptation: The Nature and Power of It and Indwelling Sin).

The conclusion of the book includes 25 pages of very helpful outlines of each Owen book and a glossary of terms (helpful for reading any Puritan work). These helpful additions will assist any reader navigate the precious books by Owen. Highly recommended!


Buy it: You can get a special discount and free shipping through Justin Taylor’s blog.

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New book: A Concise History of Christian Thought, by Tony Lane (0801031591, 9780801031595)

New book alert:

A Concise History of Christian Thought, by Tony Lane

If you are an Alister McGrath church history junkie like me you may be interested in Tony Lane’s revised edition of A Concise History of Christian Thought. It is a very interesting and concise look at the development of church history. It could use more Puritans in my biased judgment (one page on John Owen and two pages on Edwards?) but overall provides excellent overviews of the major thinkers, works and events from Irenaeus to John Stott.

I do disagree with some conclusions (like the optimism towards Rome and evangelicals coming together on the doctrine of justification) and this is not a textbook to define the limits of evangelical orthodoxy. Rather, this book’s strength is in presenting the important changes and events in Christian history.

A discerning reader wanting a good introduction to the development of Christian thought over the centuries will find Lane’s new release engaging.

New book: Steven J. Lawson, Foundations of Grace (1567690777)

New book alert:

Steven J. Lawson, A Long Line of Godly Men (vol. 1)

We have been talking lately of the doctrines of grace (Calvinism). I am excited to announce a new book by Steven Lawson covering the history of these doctrines. Here is a good quote from volume one that sets the stage for the rest of the series…

“Over the centuries, seasons of reformation and revival in the church have come when the sovereign grace of God has been openly proclaimed and clearly taught. When a high view of God has been infused into the hearts and minds of God’s people, the church has sat on the elevated plateaus of transcendent truth. This lofty ground is Calvinism—the high ground for the church. The lofty truths of divine sovereignty provide the greatest and grandest view of God. The doctrines of grace serve to elevate the entire life of the church.”

Steven J. Lawson, A Long Line of Godly Men; Volume one: Foundations of Grace (Reformation Trust, Ligonier Ministries; 2006) p. 22.

Lawson has written some helpful books, but this five-volume set will surely become his defining work. Lawson has set out to trace the doctrines of grace, and their impact, from Genesis to John Piper. The first volume (nearly 600 pages long) covers the biblical timeline from Genesis to Revelation. Volume one is complete and now available from Ligonier Ministries .

Interview with Lawson here.

Here is a breakdown of the series:

Volume 1 (Foundations of Grace) covers 1400 BC thru 100 AD, tracing the doctrines of grace throughout Scripture. This volume becomes the foundation for what comes in the future.

Volume 2 (Pillars of Grace) will cover the 2nd thru 16th centuries (Irenaeus, Jerome, Augustine, Luther, Zwingli and Calvin).

Volume 3 (Forces of Grace) will cover the 16th and 17th centuries (Knox and the Puritans).

Volume 4 (Progress of Grace) will cover the 17th thru 19th centuries (Edwards, Warfield, Hodge, Princeton Seminary, and Shedd).

Volume 5 (Triumph of Grace) will cover the 19th century thru present times (Spurgeon, Ryle, M’Cheyne, Kuyper, Pink, Lloyd-Jones, Piper and MacArthur).

What Jesus Demands from the World

“You cannot merely decide to love classical music or country western music, much less God. The music must become compelling. If you don’t love it, something must change inside of you. That change makes it possible for the mind to experience the music with a compelling sense of its attractiveness. So it is with God. You do not merely decide to love him. Something changes inside you, and as a result he becomes compellingly attractive. His glory—his beauty—compels your admiration and delight.”

John Piper, What Jesus Demands from the World (Crossway: 2006) pp. 77-78