The Blank Valley of Vision

Hello, everyone. We are in the process of completing our second “blank bible.” At the same time it was proposed that we should try building a “Blank Valley of Vision” (a wonderful book of Puritan prayers). And so we did. There are few details I can add to the blank bible posts so I’ve decided to post a photo gallery of the process taken to create the “Blank Valley of Vision” (here).

[Tim Challies has recently, and accurately, poked fun at my photo-nerdiness =) ]

Next Tuesday we will be giving away one “Blank Valley of Vision” to one of you (Sorry, those who have publicly pointed out my nerdiness do not qualify). You can buy the Valley of Vision in paperback, leather or in audio CD format from The Banner of Truth. In my opinion, it’s one of the most edifying and most versatile Christmas presents available!

10 thoughts on “The Blank Valley of Vision

  1. Hi:

    I’ve just recently come across your blog, and I am fascinated by your DIY: Blank projects. I wish I had the skill to do it. How does one get in the hat for the free one?

    All the very best!


  2. Dang! I am a day late. Who won this bad boy?
    I am seriously considering doing something like this to acouple of my books and appreciate you posting this process for less creative people like myself.

  3. Hanz,

    The LH categories are WordPress in general. The categories to the RH are specifically of my blog. I don’t understand it but I cannot change it either.


  4. Tony,

    How exactly are the boards held together. I believe you mentioned screwing them together in a previous post about the blank bible. I was wondering if there was any chance of seeing a picture of the screws or how it was held together to get a slightly better grasp of the project. I’m very grateful that you’ve given details to help us who may want to undertake a similar project. I am looking forward to giving this a shot over my Christmas break from school.


  5. Praz,

    Unfortunately that is the one picture I do not have. I made the boards longer than the book and put a screw through the middle of the board at the top and bottom, just above the book paper and just below. If the screws are too long, you can let the points go through and then turn the board with the pages sandwiched, upside-down. Make sense?


  6. Tony, just received my copy of Meet the Puritans per your recommendation. It looks great. I have to write a bio paper for seminary on Zwingli and wondered if you knew of any solid biographies.

  7. Tony,

    Thanks for promoting VOV. My wife brought it to my attention 5 years ago and since then I’ve given away several copies. It is such a God-centered book.

    Keep the “Blank” series coming brother!


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