3 thoughts on “Christmas book recommendation: Unless You Repent, by Jonathan Edwards

  1. Oh, I looked at your review, and your comment, and it looks like this sermon is not part of the Works.

    If this is the case, do you know if Banner of Truth will incorporate these articles in the next printing of the works?

  2. Hanz, the BoT Edwards volumes only contain a small fraction of Edwards material. These and other unpublished works are published individually. The Jonathan Edwards Center is working to get everything up and accessible online. I would head over there and see if that is helpful for what you need.


  3. Tony,
    As an alpha tester of the J E Center, I have had the opportunity to read all the unpublished stuff. However, I prefer reading from dead trees. I have bought the BoT set, and would like it if BoT could add more volumes to this set.


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