Church in San Diego

tss-baseball.jpgMany of you are familiar with Mark Lauterbach because of his excellent blog Gospel Driven Life. Well, Mark is the pastor of Grace Church in San Diego and the grand opening for their new church facility is coming soon. If you live in the San Diego area I would highly recommend this church. For more info check the Grace Church website.


PS – Bill W. is a faithful reader of TSS that attends Grace Church. Haven’t heard from him in a while. Bill, you there? … Hello!? … Ah well he’s probably golfing or surfing the day away. I miss your arctic MN antics. You should get a waterproof Blackberry. Then, Banana Bill, you could comment on TSS from your surfboard.

4 thoughts on “Church in San Diego

  1. Tony:

    Thanks for plugging our church. The Lord has is moving us from a 350 seat church to more than double that sometime in the next few weeks. Therefore, we would love to start filling all those new empty seats. Come one come all, you wont be disappointed. There are 3 PC graduate pastors serving us. What a treat!!

    Tony, if you and your family leave now I think you can still get out of town without a dog sled, come visit us in So CA, Rancho Bernardo, at our grad opening.

    Bill W (How’d you get that picture of me? ;-))

  2. Bill, I took that picture with my 400mm lens from the roof of my house in Minnesota. Pretty impressive, I know. … Speaking of MN, I don’t think I’ll be able to come out to Southern Cali. See, it’s been snowing since June and even sled dogs would be unable to get us out of here. …

    You guys have 3 PC grads. That’s great. Sounds like things are going very well. It must be a great honor to sit under Mark L’s preaching! Give him a holy kiss from us at TSS, would ya’?!?!


  3. Tony:

    You are very funny. When are you going to the PC? We need you out here in So Cal. We are praying for the next church plant in Temecula (where I live), 45 min north of the San Diedo church and it already has your name on it. When I talk to people around here about J. Edwards they only ask what movie was he in. Just think you can trade in your snow shoes for flip-flops and your ice fishing gear for surf fishing stuff.

    In the meantime keep up the fine work you are doing for the kingdom…

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