Contest: Who is she?

Last night we celebrated Reformation Day with some friends in Minneapolis. A half-eaten “Diet of Worms” still sits on the kitchen counter.

In the days preceding the sacred day, my precious wife took the initiative to chase down the threads for our son and daughter’s costumes. Our son sported a German lederhosen, a monk wig and a copy of the 95 theses in hand (see picture). It’s obvious who he was dressed to be.

Our sweet little 2-year old daughter also dressed up and went as a famous Puritan (picture 1 and picture 2).

Who is she?

Leave your guesses in the comments. The winner can come over and grab a handful of worms.


8 thoughts on “Contest: Who is she?

  1. It has to be Anne Bradstreet the first poet published in America. Who ever she is she is quite cute. We also had a wonderful night of Reformation Day celebrations with my sons, their friends, and my husbands students. Is there anything more fun than pin the 95 theses on the church door or hide the scriptures and then find them before John Tetzel does? And of course a diet of lots of worm food. Our family looks forward to this every year.
    Kate Harmon

  2. She looks like a young version of…Anne Bradstreet. I love the “Diet of Worms” jar! Where did you find that?

  3. Kevin – my creative wife took a glass jar she had on hand and pasted a printout of a woodcut image of the Diet. … Next time we’ll integrate those games, Kate! Thanks for the ideas and thanks for playing!

    BTW – here is the image of Bradstreet we drew from.

    Blessings to you, Tony

  4. Thanks for showing us how to integrate Reformation Day within a family. My wife and I in the midst of our first pregnancy and all day on Oct. 31st we were wondering “How are we going to celebrate Reformation Day with our children?”. Thanks again for giving us a glimpse into your family to help us in beginning to form a tradition in ours.

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