Books for Your Bride: The Trainer

tsskare.jpgby Karalee

Tony’s gone this week, so we’re sporting new colors at TSS and serving up Christmas gift ideas for the ladies. (Since many of our husbands already bought their Christmas presents from Tony’s book recommendations this year.)

First, we looked at a few “one-size-fits-all” gifts, now we’re looking at specific options for different interests.

“The Trainer”

Tell-tale signs your wife would enjoy this category: She owns 10 pairs of running shoes, and no high heels. There are more bike and stroller wheels in your garage than car and minivan tires. She does tsstrainer.jpgspelling drills with the kids in “three sets of ten, with 20 seconds rest in between.”

Bless this wife-on-the-run with resources that will not only exercise her heart, but also stretch her soul.

Gift ideas

Music: An iPod or other mp3 player can be an incredibly sanctifying gift – turning the daily run into an opportunity for meditation on God’s Word. (More on audio in the “one-size-fits-all” post here.)tssasleep.jpg

If she already has a music player, consider a new CD or workout mix that will lift her heartbeat to the Cross. Kick the pace up a bit with the remixed worship favorites in Asleep in a Storm from Sovereign Grace Music. Sermon Jams are another upbeat choice for the workout set. And just for fun, here is a TSS iMix from some of Tony’s favorite Jazzercise music.tssimix.jpg

Books: The Gospel Primer for Christians, which we reviewed in part one, is perfect for the treadmill. An interesting biography is Pure Gold about Eric Liddell: Scottish runner, Olympic gold medal winner, and missionary to China. (Find a positive review here at Tim Challies’ Discerning Reader.)

“Christmas Date” ideas: Start a “Christmas date night” tradition. (As Tony and I will be doing this year, thanks to the idea from our good friends Matthew and Hannah.) Because the holidays are tssliddell.jpgfull of busy celebrations with the kids and in-laws, a “Christmas date” is an opportunity to celebrate with just your bride. Whether you can schedule your date before Christmas or after, taking the time to spend with her will bless your friendship and your marriage. For the sporty wife, a brisk walk or ice skating would be a fun start to the evening. Then you can finish with hot cocoa and a date night movie, Chariots of Fire (based upon the life of Eric Liddell). You cantssliddellmovie.jpg follow-up with a family night movie another time and watch the new Torchlighters movie, also about Eric Liddell.

Ultimately, the best gift you can give your wife is not one that can be wrapped in shiny red paper and tied with a bow. Centering your home around the Gospel, loving her as Christ loved the Church, and faithfully serving her in humility and grace is a gift that will prepare her heart not only for the year ahead, but for a lifetime with her Savior. Most importantly, the price tag of the gift doesn’t matter, because the ultimate price for our sin has already been paid by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Loving her with this glorious Gospel is a priceless gift.

May God be glorified in your homes this Christmas!

Stay tuned this week as we serve up gift-giving ideas for:

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