Blank Bible featured in Seattle

tsslogo.jpgStephen Smith serves as both editor of the ESV blog and Crossway’s Director of Information Services. This past weekend he presented a lecture at the BibleTech08 conference in Seattle on “The ESV and Bible Usability.” In his presentation he cited the Blank Bible “phenomena” started right here on The Shepherd’s Scrapbook. In his presentation he says,

The typical physical features of a Bible are familiar: its type size, physical size, layout, and binding. Also important are any extra features in the Bible—from maps to notes to cross-references. But just as important are things that people do to customize their Bibles. Some people buy a cover for their Bibles; some people decide to re-cover their Bibles; and some people want so much more space for note-taking that they take a printed Bible, slice off the binding, insert empty sheets of paper between the Bible pages, and rebind their Bible more to their liking. The result is what’s called a “blank Bible.” A number of people have created these Bibles; I like to link to them from the ESV blog because it shows how people can get really invested in their Bibles. I get the feeling that we’d value our Bibles a lot more if we had to assemble and bind them ourselves.

You can read more of Stephen’s presentation here, and download a PDF copy of his presentation slides (see slide 31).

And of course you can see our very own Blank Bible Index to find information (and motivation) to create one of these Bibles for your own use and growth.

Happy slicing, punching, and binding!

8 thoughts on “Blank Bible featured in Seattle

  1. Hi, I’m sorry this is not about the post you made above, but I’m building a website and want to know how to get the code for the player you use for those mp3s on the left.

    Can you give me some direction on that? Thank you!!!

  2. Tony,

    I have some some pictures to share with you, I did a variation to your Blank Bible with your helpful information, I love my blank study bible! It is a lot closer to what I wanted in a bible format for personal study.

    Will email soon.

    Tony Congrats on “A view from the cheap seats” Can’t wait to read more.


  3. Tony,
    I’m excited to see what you’ve been working on in regards to the Sovereign Grace blog. It looks like it will be an excellent and encouraging resource. I just wanted to say that I’m thankful for this blog as well. It’s been a great resource when looking for books, challenging in its discussion of different issues and encouraging in it’s focus on the cross.

    Keep up the good work!,

  4. Hey Tony!

    I am half way through a blank bible project of my own. I recently purchased a Reformation Study Bible and have begun the process.

    Instead of using a table saw, I resorted to the razor knife technique and have had awesome results. I am half way though the collating process.

    I have taken some pretty good pictures and when the project is complete, I will be happy to send you link to my blog post and pictures if you might be so interested.


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