I try, but cannot imagine, a greater job in the world than following C.J. Mahaney and capturing his life and wisdom. Now about one month into the job I’m reminded of God’s grace (“no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”).

Through means of external coercion, today I posted at the Sovereign Grace Blog with a little tidbit about my current position and especially why I seek to emulate one nineteenth-century man, George Offor.

So this–to answer some of your comments–is why TSS has slowed a bit. But I’ll be back soon. Carl Trueman’s newest title is in the mail (and I’m never silent when reading Dr. Trueman). And coming up soon we will have a blog exclusive to announce some major news in the publishing world. Stay tuned.

Thanks again for your patience with this blog.

Blessings, blogopals!


8 thoughts on “Update

  1. We miss your insight, brother, but we are overjoyed at this new position God has prepared for you. Praise God for your diligent work to assist CJ; it is always encouraging to see godly men working together for the Kingdom!

  2. Tony,

    Thank you for the time that you are investing in the task set before you. I too have been blessed immensely by the life and teachings of CJ Mahaney, and after the last few months of going through your blog posts I am confident that you are definitely the man for the job. It is a joy to listen to the IX Marks interviews with Iain Murray when he talks so fondly of his time with Lloyd-Jones, and I can only imagine the fond memories that you will have over the years to come. You are going to have some great stories to tell! God bless brother!

  3. Paul, great to hear from you! The C.J. archive you have going will be a great help to me. Thanks for your work in assembling this–what is surely the largest–online archive. This will bless many. Thanks!


  4. And to the other Paul, thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I do feel in some ways like one learning at the feet of Lloyd-Jones. This thought reinforces the joy and thrill of being here in Maryland with CJ. Blessings!


  5. This probably is not the best place to address this, but I could not leave a comment on the Sovereign Grace Blog, and thought this might be the best place. I subscribe to that blog (as well as this one) on my Google Reader. I wanted to let you know, first, that I thouroughly enjoy both blogs. Secondly, I wanted to make you aware that in Google Reader for some reason whenever there is a new post it makes every previous post-repost. Meaning, if you create a new post it shows up that there are 13 new posts, whenever there is actually only one. Just thought I’d let you know.

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