Dogma and Church Unity

“It seems to me that the ‘extremist’ elements in every church are nearest one another and the liberal and ‘broad-minded’ people in each body could never be united at all. The world of dogmatic Christianity is a place in which thousands of people of quite different types keep on saying the same thing, and the world of ‘broad-mindedness’ and watered-down ‘religion’ is a world where a small number of people (all of the same type) say totally different things and change their minds every few minutes. We shall never get re-union from them.”

-C.S. Lewis, Answers to Questions on Christianity.

2 thoughts on “Dogma and Church Unity

  1. Okay, after reading this quote only 20 times, I THINK I get, I think. The people who claim to be open-minded(the liberals) are really the ones who aren’t open minded at all. These are the ones who waffle at the inerrancy of scripture, and cringe if anyone brings up the sin nature. The people who believe in basic dogma, or doctrine,if you will, like this, are able to have unity, simply because they understand and belive that these are the core beliefs of Christianity. The biggest problem, I think, that has come from the liberals in the church is that because they waffle on these basic principles, they cause others to fall into doubt and disbelief. The reason why so many kids go off to college nowadays and reject their faith is because they have spent the previous 12 or so years being taught cotton-candy Christianity and not being given a clear basis for their beliefs OR a clear REASON for their beliefs. The liberals heavily promote questioning nowadays in the church, but I’d like to point out to them that eventually, someone has to point out the answers. The answers can be found in the Bible. Unfortunatly, not that many liberals seem to want to point young, questioning Christians in that direction.

  2. I reject Irina’s thesis that liberal Christians are not open minded. The point being made seems to be if they (the liberals ) would just look for answers in the Bible (that the non liberal believers say is the word of God period) which most biblical scholars agree is so full of contradictions, interpolations and mistranslations as to be NOT the absolute truth, everything would be fine yes?
    God’s Love is the highest common denominator of all religions. Forgiveness of enemies is easy when the Love is received ( “ask and you shall receive”). The reason children leave their parents churches is because they see the contradictions in the dogmas, the shortcomings of their clergy.
    Consider for a moment that the blood sacrifice /vicarious atonement of Jesus was inserted by the pagan Mithrite and Greek cults after Paul ..with an angry God demanding the ransom by brutal murder of His favorite son ….soon to elevated to God ( you can through out monotheism at this point)for the sins of all ( people are still sinning irregardless of their beliefs ) erasing any kind of responsibility for one’s actions. Ridiculuus. Jesus never preached that he was God nor did any of his immediate followers… He is and was the messiah who brought the rebostowal of God’s Love to light. Being Christed means receiving God’s Love ..
    Consider with Love if you will
    Rev Jim

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