Billy Goat Trail

…And hike we did. Today my son (8) and I traversed the 1.64 mile Billy Goat Trail. It was the first time either of us had finished the strenuous trail. And it was a huge achievement for him to finish in 72 minutes. The BGT has some nasty drops and and requires jumping over some some fairly dangerous rock gaps and formations. But those areas also provide a stunning view of the Potomac. A beautiful winter day filled with warm MD sunshine!

Here are the hike stats thanks to a G3 iPhone and the RunKeeper app:

3 thoughts on “Billy Goat Trail

  1. I’ve been to this national park twice now, and both times briefly. Your post has whet my appetite to hike that trail and see the park properly. Is now o my to-do list for the next trip over!

  2. My son (who recently turned 9) and I hiked on the trail on the Virgina side of the river at the falls just about three months back. We had a great time. We’ll have to check out the Maryland side next time.

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