Holy Subversion

The Christian life is a journey to the patria, our eternal homeland. It is a journey to a place that will astound us like nothing we have ever seen and it will welcome us like an old familiar home at the end of a long journey.

But we are not home. We are pilgrims hitchhiking across this life, walking by faith and not by sight. And we are seeking to live holy lives, lives that contradict the world’s unholy desires that we have ingested from birth.

This pilgrimage of subversion is the theme of Trevin Wax’s new book Holy Subversion: Allegiance to Christ in an Age of Rivals (Crossway, 2010). It is a book about subverting the worldly temptations in relation to power, sex, leisure, money, success, and even the self. It is a book that challenges assumptions. It is a bold book. It is a prophetic book. It is a call for God’s people to be alert to the spiritual dangers lurking in the commonly approved social priorities of this world and to rejoice in the holy provisions of God. You should check it out.

But you don’t have to take my word for it (LeVar Burton). Here are three endorsements:

Albert Mohler: “Trevin Wax faithfully sounds the call for world-changing, Christ-exalting Christian practice. By unmasking contemporary ‘Caesars,’ he reveals real dangers and points to pitfalls of which many believers are completely unaware. This book serves as a helpful reminder and competent guide to draw out the implications of true allegiance to Jesus Christ.”

J. I. Packer: “How should God’s American people put the lordship of Jesus Christ on display in their lives? Wax’s searching answer is biblical, basic, businesslike, and blunt.”

Russell Moore: “Christianity is all about paradox. We lose our lives to gain them. We find life in crucifixion. We serve in order to reign. In his book, Holy Subversion, Trevin Wax takes up the question of how to be both a rebel—against the false authorities of this time—while simultaneously being submissive—to the divine authority of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. This book is a helpful warning against both nihilism and cynicism.”

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