Accustomed grace, how stale the sound

From Sinclair Ferguson’s latest By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me (Reformation Trust, 2010), page xiv:

“A chief reason for the weakness of the Christian church in the West, for the poverty of our witness and any lack of vitality in our worship, probably lies here: we sing about ‘amazing grace’ and speak of ‘amazing grace,’ but far too often it has ceased to amaze us. Sadly, we might more truthfully sing of ‘accustomed grace.’ We have lost the joy and energy that are experienced when grace seems truly amazing.”

3 thoughts on “Accustomed grace, how stale the sound

  1. I know that is true with me. I should be amazed every day. I should be in awe of such grace. “That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate.” That is amazing!

  2. Wow, how true this is of my own heart when it comes to grace! How blind we are to it, and it seems the more we are exposed to grace, the less we appreciate it!

  3. The chief reason for weakness in the Christian Church is a departure from the foundation of Jesus Christ and him crucified. A “self centered” foundation has taken the place of the cross. We have become carnal and the efforts of man have replaced the work of the spirit. Repentance needs to sweep through the Church and bring us back to the cross – a place where our wills are completely surrendered to the God and we are willing to identify with the sufferings of Christ. To allow our very natures to be molded to reflect the life of Christ. Our hearts as Christians need to be seized by the revelation of Christ crucified – the true gospel.

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