Ethics course with John Frame

Thanks to Dr. Richard Pratt and his organization a number of seminary-level courses are available online (for free) and ethics with Frame is one of the offerings. Titled “Making Biblical Decisions” the 10-part course is nearly 10 hours in length and includes the following sessions:

  • Ethics in Scripture
  • Normative Perspective: God and His Word
  • Normative Perspective: The Attributes of Scripture
  • Normative Perspective: Parts and Aspects of Scripture
  • The Situational Perspective: Revelation and Situation
  • Situational Perspective: Pursuing Our Goal
  • Situational Perspective: Understanding the Facts
  • The Existential Perspective: Being Good
  • The Existential Perspective: Intending Good
  • Existential Perspective: Choosing Good

The lectures are all currently available as video downloads and many of them are available as mp3 audio downloads, too. But getting to the files can be like buttoning the cuff of a shirt sleeve. Here’s how to find them: Click here and let the page fully load. Then look for the link that reads “Making Biblical Decisions” (see near the bottom of the left-hand column).

On a related note, Frame is the author of a very helpful textbook on ethics, The Doctrine of the Christian Life (1,100 pages!). It’s worth owning and reading carefully.

2 thoughts on “Ethics course with John Frame

  1. You can find several (really, a lot) RTS courses for free on itunes. It’s pretty cool. If you haven’t used itunes before, download and open the program, open the ‘iTunes Store’, select ‘iTunes U’ from the navigation bar, and browse the universities and colleges for ‘Reformed Theological Seminary’.

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