Mumbling on

“Those who still believe in the wrath of God (not all do) say little about it; perhaps they do not think much about it. To an age which has unashamedly sold itself to the gods of greed, pride, sex and self-will, the church mumbles on about God’s kindness but says virtually nothing about his judgment. How often during the past year did you hear, or, if you are a minister, did you preach, a sermon on the wrath of God? How long is it, I wonder, since a Christian spoke straight on this subject on radio or television, or in one of those half-column sermonettes that appear in some national dailies and magazines? (And if one did so, how long would it be before he would be asked to speak or write again?) The fact is that the subject of divine wrath has become taboo in modern society, and Christians by and large have accepted the taboo and conditioned themselves never to raise the matter.”

–J.I. Packer, Knowing God, 148–149.

2 thoughts on “Mumbling on

  1. Dr. Packer is hitting on a very real issue in Christendom today. In the Revised Common Lectionary, Year C, the 7th Sunday of Easter, one of the texts is Revelation 22:12 – 21. Unfortunately, verses 15, 18 & 19 are omitted. Those verses contrast the differences between God’s blessing on believers and His judgments on those who transgress His commands. I included the verses in my reading and sermon as I would be failing as a pastor to not proclaim the full counsel of God. (The Revised Common Lectionary is a systematic selection of Scriptures on a three year cycle that provide mainline pastors recommendations for sermon texts. Pastors are free to use any text they choose, but many follow the lectionary.)

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