Build Great Sentences

Until November 30, you can get a great deal on Brooks Landon’s lectures on writing, “Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer’s Craft.” The course is comprised of 12 hours of lectures. I purchased and watched the DVDs about a year ago (I plan to watch them all again later this winter). While the lectures can be dry at times, after watching them my writing certainly improved both in clarity and creativity. The lectures are available as audio recordings, but the visuals are helpful and recommended. The DVDs normally sell for $255 but for the next 10 days you can buy them for $70. And if you enter priority code 49458 you can get the DVDs for just $35! This is a great deal, and certainly worth a look from any serious writer, especially if you want to learn how to pen gracefully flowing cumulative sentences that roll on and on to the right, capturing the readers attention, then gently pulling them into the story, leading them deeper and deeper into the thick forest of your imaginative world that has been awakened by your newfound discovery of right-branching sentences and their power to compel and to inspire.

2 thoughts on “Build Great Sentences

  1. When finished is it expected that the person who truly learned most of the material or principles will frequently write sentences similar in length and complexity of the first sentence (in greek, that is) of the apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians?

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