4 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell

  1. RE: “Hell is eternity in the presence of God with no Mediator.”

    I have some idea (and the Word implies only a small fraction of an idea)what a horrible sinner I am – horrible and tainted with the stench of corruption. This thought is frightening in all my extremes.

    Only in Jesus, only in Jesus and the cross of His love are the penitents tears dried. His cross for mine, His life for mine, His suffering for mine: I am His and he is mine. Owned, owned, owned – bonded and bound by Love Divine.

  2. Now, hell can’t be in the presence of God through etrnity. God is too merciful and loving to see his image burn or suffer in His presence day in day out etc. And hell isn’t dancing thrille in blazing fire forever. I can’t honestly fathom how it is.Hope never to
    find out. But one thing is sure; the reward for good and evil can’t be the same.

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