My Awesome Birthday Cake

In case you missed it on Facebook or Twitter, my birthday was last Friday. My gluten free triple-fountain-encore monster truck cake (feat. Grave Digger) was pure chocolate awesomeness. Here are two iPhone pics of the end result. Note how the cocoa powder dusting gave the entire scene a nice authentic appearance. And it was delicious too! My wife rocks.

And here’s the inspiration, a YouTube clip of a real encore fountain feat. Grave Digger (2 trucks):

4 thoughts on “My Awesome Birthday Cake

  1. My wife and daughter are gluten intolerant and I was wondering what the recipe is? She doesn’t have a very good chocolate cake recipe and our daughter’s birthday is coming up.

  2. Now THAT is just about one of the coolest birthday cakes I have ever seen! Congrats on the b-day and a job well done to the wife!

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